Tiny Waves Pre-Loaded USB Drive (16 GB)

Tiny Waves Pre-Loaded USB Drive (16 GB)


Comes pre-loaded with a huge selection of music (more than $75 value!) in high-quality MP3 format! Compatible with Pioneer DJ equipment, this 16-gig jump drive is a great way to support our record label, own digital copies of your favorite music, and serves a practical purpose for digital storage. Limited supply! (Lanyard and keychain charm sold separately)

  • All orders are shipped by hand every 2 weeks. Currently we are only able to ship within the United States (Sorry, we're working on it!) No returns or refunds.

  • Zelda Remixed (15 tracks)
    Sonic Mania Remixed (11 tracks)
    Donkey Kong Remixed (12 tracks)
    Spyro Remixed (15 tracks)
    nokbient - Gardens (7 tracks)
    Nokae - Weeb Music (3 tracks)
    Besso0 & GonZealous - Rito Village
    RoBKTA - Ballistic
    Asseri - Start Up





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