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MUSIC: Final Fantasy VIII: Triple Triad EP

Updated: Sep 19

STREAM & BUY Final Fantasy VIII: Triple Triad EP: https://tinywaves.ffm.to/ff8tripletriad

Tiny Waves and The Completionist join forces to deal out a fresh hand of "Shuffle or Boogie," better known as the Triple Triad card game song from Final Fantasy VIII! Phonetic Hero, nokbient, RoboRob, arthur x medic, and floopy have produced a number of tracks for The Completionist channel, including these five incredible remixes of everyone's favorite Final Fantasy mini-game theme! Album artwork by JetpackBraggin: ★ twitter.com/JetpackBragginwww.instagram.com/jetpackbraggin/ Follow Phonetic Hero: ★ twitter.com/PhoneticHerophonetichero.bandcamp.com Follow nokbient: ★ twitter.com/nokbientlinktr.ee/nokbient Follow RoboRob: ★ twitter.com/RoboRobMusicfanlink.to/RoboStreams Follow arthur x medic: ★ twitter.com/ctmsphrsoundcloud.com/ctmsphr Follow floopy: ★ twitter.com/floopymusicfloopy.bandcamp.com Follow The Completionist: ★ twitter.com/Completionistwww.youtube.com/thatonevideogamer

CREDITS: Album Artwork: JetpackBraggin Producers: Phonetic Hero, nokbient, RoboRob, arthur x medic, floopy Mastering: RoboRob Creative Director: Ben Briggs Executive Producer: The Completionist