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EVENT: Holiday Matsuri (Dec 17-19, 2021)

Tiny Waves is coming to HolMat! We're providing 12 HOURS of rave / dance programming across 2 DAYS: K-POP RAVE, COSRAVE, and HOLIDAY RAVE!

Entry is included with Holiday Matsuri badge, please refer to details below for dates, times, and restrictions:

FRIDAY 9PM-2AM: CosRave Banquet Room (North Tower, Florida Ballroom 7,128)

Our flagship Cosplay Rave event! Ages 18+ only, alcohol served in the room. MASKS REQUIRED, FREE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS! Cosplay highly encouraged!!

Lineup: dj-Jo, KINO, Walleh, Padlock, fortuneswan, H8Ø8



Banquet Room (North Tower, Florida Ballroom 7,128)

Live DJs spinning the best K-Pop for two full hours! All ages!

Cosplay encouraged, free professional photos!

Lineup: PolyKor & fortuneswan


SATURDAY 9PM-2AM: HOLIDAY RAVE Main Events (Cypress 1A 28,700)

The yearly main stage celebration featuring huge talent! All ages, MASKS REQUIRED.

Cosplay highly encouraged!

LINEUP: VGR, Mega Flare, Water Spirit, Ben Briggs, Eidolon, PolyKor

Don't forget to RSVP, share the FB event page and tag your friends who are going to HolMat! You do NOT want to miss out on the best EDM dance events in the business... we can't wait to party with everyone, see you soon!!!

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